And so it begins

Spring has sprung in Colorado, thank GOD!! I am ready! I had a rather low weekend, but finished with the garden being all set to be seeded! Dug with a broken toe and water spigot, it looks beautiful and the digging in the dirt really cleaned out my brain. That brain…she happens to overthink everything. There really are no exceptions, except a higher attention to feeling worthless was coming up. I hate that and I put myself in that position by lowering my meds and drinking. Oops. Time to be better. Spring is going to help, I won’t be inside so much and this will clean my brain while I get to watch the garden grow. As this business evolves, and my choice to be vulnerable and strong (is that redundant?), I do my best to reign in the brain and let the mind do more. Creation and curiosity are my friends, however I am missing people, being social or even having a social life. Extrovert, Introvert. Not sure what I am anymore. But people I miss and all these vaccinations are being done and people travelling more and I”m still not sure what I feel about all of this but I think I”ll be forced into having one anyway. Sigh, such indecision as of late!! Tine to get back into that garden and just plant and see what blooms!

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