And I scribbled with Vulnerability

Oh, I got caught up in a rant between locals going back and forth in my neighborhood in an online forum about wearing masks. It becomes frustrating, because we have had so much freedom in our lives (as it should be!!!!) BUT, I do believe, we as humans, need to respect our fellow humans. SOOO, well I responded with the like. I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of warm fuzzy responses considering I interjected in an argument! LOL. Yeah, I might have done this just for me. Who knows. I wanted to make my point in the midst of people not listening because they were trying to make their point. Here it was:

We are all connected. Why not figure out a way to work together instead of spending so much time trying to be right.. Recently experienced cancer, these arguments remind me much of the cancer cells trying to take over my “good” cells. The cancer are just trying to survive like any other cell. just like every human, “good or bad”. If you don’t learn how to manage and work together then the earth, like our bodies will become not inhospitable to cancer, but a host for death. And we have already seen that the earth has matestacized with “cancer”. We are very lucky to have the “freedom” to breathe quality air regardless of whether it is behind a mask. We are lucky we are not having bombs dropping on us. Appreciate what you do have, work to make the world a better place, not a bitter place. Be kind, know people are doing the best they can. Take a moment and appreciate that we don’t have to go through landfills looking for items to hold our food or build a house. The sun is out today! Appreciate you are not on a ventilator, that someone you love is healthy. Create positive energy to dissipate some of the negativity. As Einstein said: “everything is energy”. You need a big hug.

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