Getting back on track…not that I fell off

…Marination, yeah that was it, my idea had to marinate, it still is. Becoming it’s own thing, it’s own galaxy full of planets formulating, stars gathering interstellar dust to fire off the beautiful thing we call light. But I finally see something emerging, could it be a gravitational pull to this formulating primordial spiral?

I’m so very excited, and my envy and jealousy of easy livin by the “rich elitist’s” is falling away as my creative curiosity takes a hold like a whirlwind and sweeps me away in creative thoughts and energies swirling around every bend. Not every day, but I see something, I feel hope, and my enthusiasm is so contagious I see it reflected in other people’s ideas when I talk about it. I see in my own personal little circle of life, I am creating ripples of positivity and that makes me super happy, joyful and want to get up and out of bed on a daily basis. I have many many reasons to smile, and my obstacles are revealing themselves as opportunities.

I shant say my cancer defined me but it helped formulate the decisions and how I live my life and treat myself and others. Practicing gratitude and loving unconditionally daily have been big helpers in continuing onward, but without my CELLsisters, my SOULsisters, my people of the moment, the humanity gives me the flavor and the seasoning of life.


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