Gene Keys – Your Higher Purpose

Today I read up on this “Gene Keys” That I had heard about and was reading a bit about Sacred Geometry years ago. This actually is a key. This is an interesting process that takes in the place we were born and time/date/etc and puts science into the esoteric. If you hold any desire, look it up. I would suggest only filling it out if you really want to know stuff deep inside of you that you are not facing. I found it profound experience for me. Something that I think I needed to hear at this point and time and about to be half a century old. It makes sense this journey I’m making and the experiences I’ve had in life. It is deep and inexplicable at this time for me. I am and have been doing deep theraputic stuff as of late because I do not want ANY MORE BAGGAGE. I know it is weighing me down. EMDR is one of the therapies, on top of many others. However, the EMDR is not for the weak at heart and you have to be OK with the thought of facing your biggest demon/fear head on. I am not excited about going through the process of bringing up my most hidden and sensitive experiences that have been nicely wrapped up and stored like fat in my latent memory. That part of me needs a little upgrade. So! This is what I’ve been working on during this pandemic stay at home. It ain’t pretty but if not now, when?

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