Business as USUAL?!?!

Today, as the Caronavirus continues to wreck havoc on the world and our economy, I am still moving ahead with developing my idea. It is hard to stay motivated in these times and I am getting quite the cabin fever stuck in the confines of this tiny 500 square foot house. But I was going through my to-do list and some big things have been accomplished for Ichi Uno:

  • Name formed: Ichi Uno, “Feisty One”
  • Market Research initially done
  • LLC formed, Good standing certificate done
  • EIN registered
  • Website purchases and back end building, website live
  • logo being created, had to fire the first makers, now did it myself and sending off to a graphics designer. (I’m very proud of my design, finally something I like!! today fresh off power point)
  • 4 designs sketched, ready to be created

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