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And so it begins

Spring has sprung in Colorado, thank GOD!! I am ready! I had a rather low weekend, but finished with the garden being all set to be seeded! Dug with a broken toe and water spigot, it looks beautiful and the digging in the dirt really cleaned out my brain. That brain…she happens to overthink everything. There really are no exceptions,…

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Getting back on track…not that I fell off

…Marination, yeah that was it, my idea had to marinate, it still is. Becoming it’s own thing, it’s own galaxy full of planets formulating, stars gathering interstellar dust to fire off the beautiful thing we call light. But I finally see something emerging, could it be a gravitational pull to this formulating primordial spiral? I’m so very excited, and my…

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What are words for?

Interesting things going on here. One of my favorite songs, we are really in this phase of complete obliteration of vernacular as we know it. So, the song really encompasses this current affair. What are words for? And in the meantime, I’d like to acknowledge the Japanese phrase that is 2,000 years old. Will history be obliterated too? Wabi Sabi;…

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All intensive purposes, i am not feeling it today. I feel hormonal, fat, ugly, wrong, worthless and vulnerable to the point i want to hide from everyone. I feel alone, unlovable and sad. I am looking for purpose when I feel none. Not motivated, not strong, I drank last night and although I have done all things that should put…

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TODAY I Choose to HEAL!!!

To smile because I have the chance to grow and still appreciate life. This creates healing in all internal organs. To be healthy because that is my mantra for 2021 To enjoy mother nature with a very good friend. Who asked me to get together because I mentioned that I was sad that it felt like it was always me…

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