TODAY I Choose to HEAL!!!

To smile because I have the chance to grow and still appreciate life. This creates healing in all internal organs.

To be healthy because that is my mantra for 2021

To enjoy mother nature with a very good friend. Who asked me to get together because I mentioned that I was sad that it felt like it was always me suggesting it. Spontaneous healing.

To laugh because it is healing. To laugh LOUD because it heals everything.

To love myself because I’m pretty damn cool. This helps heal the fact that I may feel worthless at times.

To be curious and learn something new. This stimulates the brain cells and the spine.

To pet animal because they are healing!

To HUG with a mask because I need human touch. Because it is HEALING!!

To be vulnerable, because that is my gift to the world.

getting jiggy
jiggy in the alley

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