I have been having many self improvement and business development meetings as of late with this Caronavirus shit, i thought I’d get to know me a little better since that’s whom I’ve been living with alone in 350 square feet the last 400 years or so it seems. In one of my meetings I was told to practice being vulnerable until it became normal. So, I thought, whelp ok. I wanna shoe up and love me for who I am so I better walk that talk. SO. I am developing my own website of which I get random spam marketing offers to help make my website stand out. Only thing is I already know more than they do, because their message was created in some hot smelly room full of people working away on creating spam in India. They sent me this kind of offer, promising me riches beyond my dreams. I decided to be vulnerable. I responded letting them know what I really wanted in life was a husband of my dreams and financial stability and then requested pictures if they knew someone who could fill this position. I am anxiously awaiting their response as I’m sure a spammer will take the time to read my message! I’m SPECIAL, I was VULNERABLE. Will they listen? We will see. (this might be a SAFE way of being vulnerable…like dancing as if nobody is looking)

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